Goods & Service tax

GST not only places a significant administrative and cost burden on your business, it can impact a business’s cash flow. Since its implementation in July 2017, it has been an onerous task of navigating through its myriad rules. No wonder, in less than 18 months of its implementation in the country, it has been one of the most discussed & amended tax Act. However, we believe that all we need is to manage it effectively.

We aim to simplify the GST for you with our planning and professional advice, and minimise its impact on your compliance burden. We assist all types of organisations, from multinational companies to privately held businesses and not-for-profit, through to new businesses and start-up enterprises.

Our team works with you to meet your obligations, lay-down processes for transactions specific to your business, help you in documentations, carry out audits  and optimise any opportunities available as a result of your business’s particular circumstances. We can help you with:

  • GST compliance work
  • Practical, clear recommendations to resolve specific GST  questions / issues
  • Systems review
  • Preparation of GST reports
  • Cash flow planning
  • Assessing GST implications for overseas companies / clients